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Reactive power compensation allows to save on energy costs by making an investment with a payback period as short as 3-6 months.

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ELMA ENERGIA sp. z o.o. 10-192 Olsztyn ul. Wioslarska 18 Poland
phone: +48 89 523 84 90 fax: +48 89 675 20 85 e-mail: elma@elma-energia.pl

Gold medal at the fair ENEX 2014: Our capacitor banks TN and TN-D series received a gold medal at the prestigious trade fairs ENEX2014. They represent an innovative solution for automated reactive power compensation with reaction time of 0,02sec. individually for each phase implemented through thyristor switches. The device can also be equipped with a reactor for capacitive power compensation. Read more...

Elma Energia

About Us

 ELMA energia Ltd. is present in the market since 1995 thanks to many years of experience and dedication it has succeeded in getting adapted continuously to the progress and market requirements nowadays. 

Thanks to our highly trained, experienced and well equipped stuff we are able to solve any, even the most complicated issue concerning Reactive Power Compensation. 

The Company is committed to give the best service with maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements including:

  • Economical and technical advices.
  • Support in installation and commissioning.
  • Permanent support during the whole life of our products.
  • On site training
  • International warranty


Our offer includes:


Protection and harmonics filters (from 400V up to 30kV)

Capacitor banks  (from 400V up to 30kV)

Reactive power compensation (from 400V up to 110kV) 

Reactive power controllers

Contactors for capacitors (thyrystor contactors as well)









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