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Automatic capacitor banks are used for centralized compensation of reactive power in low voltage installations. These devices are supplied completely assembled and ready for use: it is only necessary to connect it to the mains with cables of adequate cross section and supply the operational signal from a suitable current transformer. 

ELMA ENERGIA sp. z o.o. 10-192 Olsztyn ul. Wioslarska 18 Poland
phone: +48 89 523 84 90 fax: +48 89 675 20 85 e-mail: elma@elma-energia.pl

Low voltage power factor correction

Elma energia company offers wide scope of low voltage power factor correction equipment:

  • Power Capacitors
  • Automatic Regulated Capacitor Banks
    *without Resonance Reactors
    * with Resonance Reactors 
  • Real-Time Power Factor Compensation Systems
    * NEW!!! Thyristor switched capacitor banks for asymetric loads TN, TN-D
    * Real-Time Compensators for Indywidual PFC of Single-Phase Welding Machines
  • Three-Phase Low Voltage Capacitor Banks  For Indywidual PFC/li>
  • Dynamic Capacitor Banks SMART SYSTEM for PFC in Each Phase


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