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Automatic capacitor banks are used for centralized compensation of reactive power in low voltage installations. These devices are supplied completely assembled and ready for use: it is only necessary to connect it to the mains with cables of adequate cross section and supply the operational signal from a suitable current transformer. 

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Thyristor switched capacitor banks TN, TN-D

Dynamic capacitor banks TN and TN-D series are the example of the most modern technical solutions in range of power factor correction. Thyristor switches MTN type of ELMA energia production are used as switching equipment (modules consisting of 4 switches). The controller measures demand for reactive power in each phase (three current and three voltage inputs) and switches provide independent power factor correction in each phase. As capacitive elements, nitrogen insulated capacitors with overpressure protection are utilised.

Reactor in TN-D type capacitor banks is used in case of capacitive power factor in the network (in case of large numbers of UPS systems and some lighting systems). Thyristor switches does not include any mechanical parts which could be worn out during operation, thus they are characterised by long lifetime and high reliability comparing to traditional contactors. They prevent also overcurrents during connection and overvoltages during disconnection of capacitors, which take place when contactors are applied. Another advantage of thyristor switches is the reaction time - traditional capacitor banks react on load change with 60 second delay (time required by capacitors to discharge). Thyristor switches ensure instant reaction time (0,02sec.), thus such power factor correction is named as dynamic. 



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